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Angela Scanlon says Brexit news ‘felt like someone had DIED’

TV presenter Angela Scanlon has admitted it felt like someone ‘had died’ when she found out the Brexit vote went through.

The vote created a lot of uncertainty in the U.K. mainly for people like Angela who have been working there for years.

“Honestly, it was like someone had died,” she told Star Chic magazine.



Upset: Angela was worried about working in the U.K. | VIPIRELAND.COM

“It was very strange. I didn’t expect to have that sort of reaction. I was really upset, I remember ringing my Mam and crying.

“She was like ‘it’s fine it won’t mean anything’. But it was just that my Dad had gone to England in the 70s back in the day when Irish people weren’t welcome in the way that they have been in recent years,” she explained.

I am part of the generation that have never had a sense of being an outsider in a country that’ not your own, it was the realisation that it may not be the case anymore,” she added.

Angela has been working on multiple shows for BBC, including host the BAFTAs red carpet, Robot Wars and she has been filling in on The One Show.


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