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Amy Huberman tells Brian O’Driscoll to ‘dye his hair blonde’ after watching Jamie Dornan in The Fall

Jamie plays serial murderer Paul Spector in the hit drama, who targets brunettes

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Amy Huberman has told her husband Brian O’Driscoll to “dye his hair blonde again” after she binge-watched Jamie Dornan in The Fall.

The BBC drama sees Jamie play serial murderer Paul Spector, who specifically targets brunettes before stalking and strangling them.

Amy shared a photo of Jamie and Brian golfing together, and joked that she suggested her husband changes his hair colour just in case.

“Defo suggesting Brian dye his hair blonde again for next round of golf,” she captioned the post, “Juuuuuuuuust in case ???? ”

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Defo suggesting Brian dye his hair blonde again for next round of golf. Juuuuuuuuust in case ????

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The actress enjoyed a pamper night in last night as she binge-watched the hit drama, enjoying a face mask and a cup of tea while she watched.

“In the pjs, mask on (moisturizing one not breathingy one), cup of tea made, candle lit…. just gonna sit back and relax with some serial killers ????‍♀️,” she wrote.

“Ps great rec for binge watch lads ???????? Only getting to it 6 years late.”

Commenting on Amy’s post, Jamie wrote: “@amy_huberman I’m so IN(to) that,” to which Amy replied: “I’m getting Bod to dye his hair blonde again for the next golf game.”

Amy and Brian have been able to enjoy some downtime, after their seven-year-old daughter Sadie and five-year-old son Billy went back to school last week. 

Amy admitted that she had “bags of giddy emotion” ahead of her kids first day back, as Brian carried their school bags for them.

Opening up about Sadie and Billie returning to school at RTÉ’s virtual Autumn launch last week, Amy joked: “Will I miss them?”

“It’s been a mix of things. Lockdown has been an interesting time, and I feel really grateful that we were safe and well. But it’s really challenged people,” she said.

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Bags of giddy emotion

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“I’ve enjoyed the time at home with the kids. I don’t think I was the best home-school teacher so I am looking forward to them returning,” she admitted.

“It’s weird because the stretch of the summer – when it wasn’t the situation that it was – feels really long and time has just lost it’s sense of shape and expanse for me. I just can’t believe the summer is over.”

“Life has definitely slowed down because it has needed to. And the kids are looking forward to seeing their pals – that’s the main thing for them.

“I wasn’t getting the apple at the end of term for being best teacher,” Amy laughed, “Nor was Brian.”

“My respect for teachers has just expanded so much because of the patience that they have – I didn’t have quite as much patience as I thought I would.”


“My kids were just happy to play with each other. There was days that they were fighting and bored and frustrated and they missed their friends, but for the most part when the weather was good it was great because we got out for walks and bikes,” she continued.

“Then it was just the really simple things like baking, playing with the dog… just really really simple things. Attempting to do homework, attempting to do the school work.”

“My little fella is only in Junior Infants so his interest levels are quite low,” she laughed, “I asked my daughter did she have a good summer and she said ‘Yeah it was great’. I think they’re just looking forward to school.”

“Yes it will be different, and it needs to be different, but I think they’re just looking forward to hanging out with buddies,” Amy added.