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Amy Huberman surprises Brian O’Driscoll with hilarious gift to mark their 10th wedding anniversary

We love her sense of humour!


Amy Huberman surprised her husband Brian O’Driscoll with a hilarious gift on their tenth wedding anniversary.

Tin is the traditional present to mark a couple’s first decade together, so the 41-year-old decided to give the former rugby player a tin of beans as an anniversary gift.

Taking to Instagram, the actress shared a photo of her husband laughing as he opened a wrapped tin of beans.

She wrote: “So apparently ten years is tin or diamonds 🤷‍♀️Happy anniversary!”

“Don’t worry I didn’t just get him a tin of beans. I also got him a tin of spaghetti hoops,” Amy joked.

Earlier in the day, Amy posted a funny tribute to Brian to mark their 10th wedding anniversary.

Sharing a photo of them on their big day, she wrote: “Happy 10 year anniversary to the best husband I’ve ever been married to 💕.”

“Can’t believe it’s been ten years, it feels soooooooo much longer. Crap I said I wouldn’t take the piss and just have a lovely sweet post and then I forgot.”


The couple tied the knot at St Joseph’s Church in County Leitrim back in 2010, and held their wedding reception at the Lough Rynn Castle Hotel.

Since getting hitched, Amy and Brian have welcomed two children together – Sadie, 7, and Billy, 5.

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