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Amy Huberman opens up about her new comedy series for RTÉ

Amy Huberman is working on a brand new original comedy series for RTÉ.

While the mum-of-two is currently filming the second season of legal drama Striking Out, she’s been working on the script for a new show called Finding Joy.

Speaking at the RTÉ new season launcg today, Amy said, “Finding Joy is a comedy and Striking Out is a drama – so they are very different worlds.”

“But it’s early days on that at the moment, but between the filming schedule for this and I was filming something before this also, I’ve been at from it for a little while.

New project: Amy is working on a new comedy series for RTÉ | MICHAEL CHESTER

“But I think that’s good it’s always good to get a bit of distance and go back in and you can see it a little clearer and look at it differently.

“I’m working with Treasure Films and Rebecca O’Flanagan who is the producer on it – she is an amazing mentor and she is brilliant with stories, great with editing and Rachel O’Flanagan who is an editor, but yes, I’m writing it on my own, which has been great!

“I’ve really enjoyed it, so hopefully I’ll progress with that, once I have a little more time after Striking Out,” she explained.

The actress also teased what’s to come for season two of Striking Out, which went down a hit with Irish viewers.

“We follow on from the cliffhanger of series 1 where Tara and Eric – we wouldn’t say they’re friends – but they’ve come together and they’re now looking at their world and wondering who the heck they can trust.

Busy: Amy is currently filming for series two of Striking Out | RTE

“Tara feels like she’s been set up, Ray is in jail, the inquiry for Vincent is up in the air and still ongoing so when we see her in series 2 she’s extricated herself from Dunbar’s, she set up on her own. She’s learnt a lot, she’s grown up since series 1 so she kind of has strength of character, she’s found her independence.


“I often think through series 2 she’s thinking to herself ‘I’ve been through worse, I can deal with this!’ She knows alot. Her eyes are opened a little bit, not that she would be mistrusting of people but I think she sees the world as a little less of a rosey place than she did in episode 1,” she said.

Amy also revealed that plenty of well-known Irish stars will join the cast of Striking Out in series two.

“There’s loads of new characters in series 2, which is brilliant because it also means you get to work with friends. There’s Adam Fergus (Clean Break) who I’ve known since my UCD days, we got to hang out on set – we did a film together years ago.

New faces: Plenty of well-known Irish actors will appear in Striking Out next season | RTE

“Owen McDonnell (Single Handed) I did film with him a long time ago too, and we got to film those scenes together so it felt like little mini films. Also Charlotte Bradley is there and Ruth her daughter is a dear friend of mine, so I know Charlotte really well. I did my first ever job with Charlotte in On Home Ground a million years ago.

“Marie Doyle Kennedy, I’m such a big fan of Maria’s both personally and professionally, she’s just a gorgeous person, inside and out, so I love hanging out with her, she’s brilliant and we have great chats. I find her very inspirational as a person, so I’m really excited that she is joining our cast.

“Moe Dunford is coming in and his character is great because he ruffles a lot of feathers – and kind of unsettles the balance should we say – so lots of new people which really adds to the flavour of the show. It’s very exciting!” she added.

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