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Amy Huberman and BOD to move to LA?


She had an ill-fated start in Hollywood when she was dropped from TV series Animal Hospital, but Amy Huberman is ready to give LA another try.

The wife of rugby legend Brian O’Driscoll was in LA in February and admitted she wants to go back, now that Brian is retiring.

“Its exciting for him not knowing what he’s doing. That’s the way I normally live and now he gets to join me,” she said.

“Over the next couple of years we do have the freedom to move countries and stuff, but I don’t know. I don’t think much is really going to change.

“I might (go back to LA). I love LA more than I’ve wanted to admit to. I’ve got really cool management over there, they are always asking me to come over, like the flight is 13 hours, it’s not easy, but they’re great and I really enjoyed it over there again.”

The shoe designer, who is mum to daughter Sadie, added that the option of moving to LA is still on the cards. “Living there? I don’t know. Maybe down the line… But at the moment I’m managing flying over and back.”