Amy Huberman admits she stopped wearing perfume – after husband Brian O’Driscoll said he ‘hated it’

The actress has revealed she still loves the perfume


Amy Huberman has admitted she stopped wearing a perfume she loved, after her husband Brian O’Driscoll said he hated it.

Speaking to Jennifer Zamparelli on RTÉ 2fm today, the actress explained: “I had a perfume for years that I loved…”

“[It] reminded of my days in London when I had no job and not much to do, and myself and my friend used to go into Jo Malone and spray ourselves with perfume, to try and pretend that we were living a life we weren’t living.”

Amy eventually bought herself the ‘Lime, Basil & Mandarin’ perfume from Jo Malone when she could afford it, but she had to stop wearing the scent when her husband complained about it.

She said: “I wore it for about two years and Brian was like, ‘We need to talk, like I hate it.’ I was like, ‘You haaate it?'”

Amy joked: “When he was playing [rugby], his nose was still quite badly broken, so I used to sit on the other side of him.”

“Like if his nose went left, I’d sit on his right, so he couldn’t smell me! But now he loves it, he’s actually come full circle.”

Jennifer then said: “Oh, so you didn’t stop wearing it?” and Amy replied: “No I did!”

“But you see I still love it, so if he went away for work or anything I’d spray it and go, ‘Oh my twenties, my old life!'” she added.

Amy and Brian have been married since 2010, and are parents to two kids, Sadie and Billy, with another one on the way.