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Amber Gill is too busy to date and is ‘glad’ Greg O’Shea ended things with her

"I was hoping the relationship would go somewhere."


Amber Gill has revealed that she is far too busy to date right now.

The Love Island winner is currently taking on every opportunity that her TV exposure has given her – between million pound deals with clothing companies and talks to do other shows.

“I haven’t got time for it. And I don’t want to take the shine off what I’m doing because it really is an amazing opportunity,” she said.


In a chat with Weekend mag, Amber also explained that despite her lack of dates, she is still being connected romantically to Ovie Soko.

However, she confirmed that there is nothing more than a sibling-like friendship between them.

Ovie was there for Amber when she was allegedly dumped by Irish rugby pro and fellow Love Island winner Greg O’Shea.

However, Amber now feels that she is “glad” Greg ended things before she got even more invested in their relationship.

“It was really hard. We tried, but we were both just so busy doing really interesting things we didn’t get an opportunity to build anything properly,” she told the mag.

“I was hoping the relationship would go somewhere.”

“I think it was just about us being in different countries. If it had all happened in private, it wouldn’t have been so upsetting. But if he wanted to end things, I’m glad he did it sooner rather than later.”