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Amanda Byram debuts new boyfriend on the Late Late Show


TV presenter Amanda Byram has finally shown off her new love.

The Dublin star has been in a relationship for just over a year now, but had never spoken openly about her new man.

However appearing on RTE’s The Late Late Show Amanda brought her handsome¬†man to the set, and openly spoke about finding love again.

Opening up about being single for the last few years, Amanda admitted she got used to being on her own.

amanda dad bf

Happy: Amanda with her father and her boyfriend

“It was girl power, I think I came to a place in my life where I was really happy to be single and I think you have to embrace that,” she said.

“I was single for so long that my mother was worried, she was pretty worried. I was stayin in a lot.”

“And she said ‘you’re not going to meet anybody sitting on the couch at home’.

“So I went out and I had a great time but I never met that special person, so I spent a long time being single,” she explained.

Amanda Byram & Prodijig Photocall

Single ladies: Amanda was a champion for women | VIPIRELAND.COM

But admitting she is now in a happy relationship, Amanda said she felt bad for other single women.

“I think it was like solidarity for single women, and I was the champion,” she admitted. “When I finally did meet someone I felt really bad about it, I felt like I let the side down.”

Amanda, who is now a fitness and healthy living guru, added that some of her fans were shocked when they found out she wasn’t single any more.


Loved up: Amanda and her man holiday together

“I don’t talk about him that much, we don’t splash it all over the place,” she said.

“I put a picture on Instagram after our one year anniversary…one person wrote ‘I thought you were a lesbian’.”