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All the times Jedward won the internet during lockdown

The Irish twins have been the unsung heroes of the coronavirus pandemic


2020 has been a crazy year – and that’s an understatement.

But one thing has remained consistent in this unpredictable year, and that has been John and Edward Grimes becoming the unsung heroes that no one saw coming.

Jedward have had their say on everything important that has happened this year – from the Black Lives Matter protests, to lockdown restrictions, to the ever-changing weather in Ireland.

Here are the top times Jedward won the internet during the coronavirus lockdown:

Sending heartfelt DM’s to unsuspecting fans

A host of social media users shared screenshots of the pop duo’s random DMs, expressing their confusion and delight at the sweet messages.

“When Jedward DM you to send you good vibes and smiles you have no choice but to accept good vibes and smiles,” one user wrote alongside the random DM she received.

Supporting the Black Lives Matter movement

jedward black lives matter
Twitter | Jedward

The former X Factor stars joined a Black Lives Matter protest in LA, where they were quarantining with actress Tara Reid.

The twins took to Twitter to share their support for the movement, writing: “There should be no more hurt. Keep making your voices heard. Together we stand united. Enough is Enough! #BlackLivesMatter.”

The Irish duo also shared snaps from the protests, where they joined in on the “No Justice, No Peace” chants.

Highlighting the importance of suncream

Although it’s hard to remember now, Ireland did actually enjoy a few months of sunshine at the beginning of lockdown.

People across the country enjoyed the blistering heat from the comfort of their gardens, enjoying BBQ’s and sunbathing.

John and Edward left an important reminder for fans to take care of their skin amidst the heatwave, highlighting the importance of wearing suncream.

Their hilarious comparison to Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi 

With Ellen DeGeneres dominating headlines at the moment as her popular talk show is subjected to an internal investigation following reports of a “toxic workplace environment”, Jedward decided to weigh in on the drama.

The 29-year-olds shared a hilarious meme of Ellen with her wife Portia, commenting on how alike the couple were to the twins.

“I’m John and I’m Edward and together we are Jedward,” they captioned the photo.

Throwing shade at influencers going abroad during lockdown

Jedward on Instagram | Jed World News

After various influencers were spotted jetting off despite government guidelines encouraging people to stay at home and enjoy staycations, Jedward had something to say.

The twins praised those who are staying at home, hailing them as “heroes”.

Storm Ellen weather warning

Following last week’s red weather warning ahead of Storm Ellen, Jedward decided to do their own weather forecast.

Courtesy of “Jed Éireann”, the duo shared a snap from their new track Extraordinary along with making reference to their Eurovision Song Contest single Waterline – to remind people to “get the feck inside” ahead of the storm.

Sharing their thoughts on the anti-mask protests

Over the weekend, an anti-mask protest was held in Dublin City Centre – attracting crowds of people not complying with social distancing measures.

The protest sparked a lot of outrage across the country, including with Jedward – who got into a heated debate with Jim Corr about the matter.

Meeting with the Embassy of Ireland 

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Jedward have even got the seal of approval from the Embassy of Ireland, who tweeted a photo with the twins on Sunday.

Alongside the photo, the Embassy wrote: “Wear your mask. Wash your hands. Listen to @planetjedward.”