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All the celebrity appearances on The Late Late Toy Show

Some well-known faces surprised viewers on the night

Andres Poveda

This year’s Late Late Toy Show was one of the most memorable by far, bringing joy into homes across the country during one of our most challenging years.

Although the kids undoubtedly stole the show, there was also some surprise celebrity appearances on the night, making the night even more special.

Here are all the famous faces who appeared on Friday night’s Late Late Toy Show:

Dermot Kennedy

One of our favourite moments from the Toy Show this year had to be when Dermot Kennedy surprised Michael Moloney.

The teenager is a huge fan of the singer, and appeared on the show to perform a version of his hit song Giants – which he dedicated to his late father.

Mid-chorus, Michael was flabbergasted when Dermot appeared on stage to sing with him.

Dermot also surprised the delighted teen with a recording session in Windmill Lane studios, and gave him a signed guitar backstage. What a legend!

David Walliams

David Walliams surprised one of this year’s Toy Show stars with a sweet video message.

After little Saoirse sent the children’s book author a letter during lockdown, David responded to some of her queries live on the Late Late Toy Show.

He also offered to send her some Christmas presents – including a box set of his book collection.


Gary Barlow

Gary Barlow’s appearance on the Late Late Toy Show had to be one of the most memorable moments of the night.

The Take That singer joined a group of children across the globe to sing ‘Rule The World’, and it was nothing short of magical.

We’re still crying over this tbh.

The Edge

10-year-old Noah Rafferty delighted viewers with his original song ‘Rock Is The Best Medicine’ on the Late Late Toy Show.


After sharing his dream of becoming “the world’s greatest rockstar”, Ryan surprised Noah with a special video message from U2’s The Edge.

Noah was blown away by the surprise, and nearly exploded with excitement when The Edge promised to gift him a signed guitar.

John Doyle

We know he’s not a celebrity, but we had to give an honourable mention to John Doyle, aka “the nicest hospital porter in Ireland”.

Six-year-old Adam King, who has brittle bones, won the hearts of the nation on Friday night when he appeared on the Toy Show.

Adam’s favourite hospital porter John, who works at Temple Street, was then brought onstage to surprise him, and the look on his face was priceless.