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Al Porter says even though he’s ‘cancelled’ he wants to prove that ‘good people can make mistakes’

The comedian faced multiple allegations of sexual misconduct


Al Porter has said he wants to prove to the public that “good people can make mistakes” – after he was accused of sexual misconduct.

Last year the comedian was resigned from weekday show on Today FM and TV3’s Blind Date, when multiple allegations of sexual misconduct became public.

Al, 24, has been out of the spotlight since the scandals surfaced but took to Twitter this week to say he wants to prove himself.

The presenter was first hitting back at a Twitter user who said the new Joker movie was about Al himself.

He then went on to thank people who have been showing him support since the accusations.

“Thank you to those who have privately & publicly contacted me over the last year & a half.

“I am not a victim of anything, to be clear. I am someone who needed to learn, listen and change.

“But times have been inconceivably dark. Sometimes it’s like my life is over before it began,” he wrote.

“But “cancelled” or not. I cannot end my life. And though I’ve considered permanent solutions to temporary darkness, I know there is a future.

“One where I can prove good people can make mistakes & still be good people. I have so much to contribute. And I will. Never stop trying x,” he added.

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