Ailbhe Garrihy shares her heartbreak – as newborn son never got to meet her beloved grandad

Her grandfather Chris Droney sadly passed away this week


Ailbhe Garrihy has admitted she will be “forever sad” her newborn son never got to meet her beloved grandad, Chris Droney.

The legendary Clare musician sadly passed away this week, at the age of 95.

Her grandfather’s death came just three weeks after Ailbhe welcomed her first child, a son named Seán, with her husband Ruaidhri Hehir.

Sharing photos and videos of her grandad on Instagram, Ailbhe wrote: “My grandad Chris Droney ❤️ There are no words to describe how proud we were of you.”


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“A musical legend, a gentleman and a great friend. I feel so lucky to have had almost 31 years with you.”

“Baby Seán was so close to meeting you and I’ll forever be sad that he didn’t, but rest assured he’ll know everything about you and we’ll never stop playing your music,” she added.

“Sleep well, we will miss you every single day.”

Ailbhe’s sister Aoibhin also paid tribute to their grandfather by writing a stunning poem about his legacy.


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I see you in us all The best part of us all The part of us that sees the good Takes pride and stands up tall The part of us that never settles The part that does things right The part of us up for the craic Will dance and laugh all night The part of us that listens Loves story and a chat The part that worries , gives advice And dons the carers hat The part that loves the simple things But loves the nice things too Sucky sweets, the motor car, A well kept lawn, a polished shoe The part of us that lives for music And all the joy it brings The part that loves the get together As we tap along and sing The part of us that loves our family The part that loves our home The part that loves our place, our country To travel and to roam I see you in my Mom My sisters and in me I pray I’ll see you in my girls How lucky would they be? So when we pause to think of you Or they talk of your legacy I’ll only have to look around You’ve passed it on you see ????

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