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Adrian Dunbar reveals he ‘didn’t realise’ Line of Duty would be so successful

The show is currently filming the 6th series

Adrian Dunbar | Brian McEvoy

Actor Adrian Dunbar has revealed that he “didn’t realise” Line of Duty would be so successful.

The Irish actor stars in the programme as Superintendent Ted Hastings, who overlooks the Metropolitan police’s anti-corruption unit AC-12.

Just yesterday, the show began filming the 6th season.

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In an interview with The Sun, Adrian revealed how lucky he feels to be part of such a well-written show.

“You don’t really know what’s going to happen with your career a lot of the time.”

“I just think I’m really lucky at this point that I’ve hit a part that allows me to do all my stuff,” he said.

“That happens sometimes with actors that you’ve been plugging away, working away for ages and suddenly one day a part comes along like Ted in Line of Duty where you can do all your things.”

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Adding: “Of course I’m really lucky that it’s been such an excellently written piece.”

The Fermanagh native confessed that he did not know if the show would get another series after the first.

“When I got the first series, Ted wasn’t a massively central character to the whole thing.”

“After the first series, we didn’t know if we’d get a second series or if it would go to a second series.”


Adrian stars alongside other lead actors Vicky McClure and Martin Compston in the BBC drama.

“I think the writer Jed (Mercurio) had an idea of a storyline arcing over five series of central characters.”

“But I don’t think any of us realised it would be so big.”


The show welcomed Kelly Macdonald to the cast for the new season of the show.

She stars as Detective Chief Inspector, Joanne Davidson.

Joanne will be the subject of season 6’s AC-12 investigation, as her unconventional conduct starts to raise suspicions.