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A LOT of Irish people want to do THIS to Liam Neeson

This is so random!


A new survey conducted by Carphone Warehouse has revealed most Irish people want to prank call legendary actor Liam Neeson.

Many of us have dreamed of calling our favourite celebrities for a chat, but when asked which celebrity they’d most like to prank call, Irish people picked the Taken star as their first choice.

Irish twins Jedward and Normal People star Paul Mescal came in joint second place, followed by Anne Doyle and Bosco who came joint third.

Paul Mescal as Connell in Normal People

The survey was commissioned by the brand to mark 35 years since the first ever mobile phone call was made in Ireland by Jim Mitchell, Minister for Communications to RTE broadcaster Pat Kenny.

To celebrate this milestone, Carphone Warehouse investigated the evolution of the mobile phone, and how we use it, in a survey.

Carphone Warehouse found some interesting trends, from favoured brands to most used apps.

In terms of brand favourites, 57% of respondents had a Nokia as their first mobile phone with just 2% having an iPhone.

Interestingly, now 53% of those people have an iPhone as their current model.

The survey also found that 71% of people voted WhatsApp as their most used app, with Instagram coming in at number two.

And when it comes to mobile mishaps, 94% of people admitted to texting the wrong person, and a whopping 54% of people have dropped their phones down the toilet!