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8 things that we said goodbye to in 2017

Gone but not forgotten

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner | WENN.com

For some its a tearful goodbye, for others its a good riddance.

Whether you’re sad to see 2017 go or you’re counting down the seconds until the clock strikes 12 so you can shout out “Happy New Year”, take a second to remember some of the things that we lost during the year.

Here are 10 things that we said goodbye to in 2017:


2017 decided to be the year that gave up on love. That’s right  between break ups, shake ups and divorces we said goodbye to many a celeb couple.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner made headlines at the start of the year with the Batman star and Juno actress beginning their divorce proceedings whilst Anna Faris and Chriss Pratt shuck the Twittersphere during the summer by putting an end to their 8 year marriage.

Other celeb splits included Fergie and Josh Duhamel, Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor, Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill, Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry and most recently Selena Gomez and The Weeknd.


Just when you’re hooked on plots, sub plots, steamy affairs and season length story lines- CUT- that’s right – no more Girls, Pretty Little Liars, Teen Wolf and Bones.

We’ll also be saying goodbye to comedy favorites Workaholics, The Middle, 2 Broke Girls and Scream Queens.

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She can’t come to the phone so don’t even bother trying to call!

Her video for What You Made Me Do let fans know loud and clear that she is aware of the rumors and the mockings that circulate around her online. Tay returned to the spotlight this year with a new kick ass attitude and a top selling studio album.  The “new Taylor” can be seen stood on a pile of “old Taylors” in her video for “Look What You Made Me Do”, letting all the haters know that she’s back, she’s smarter (in the nick of time) and that she’s ready to dominate once again.


Yes- its over – the romphim has died and went out of fashion as quick as it came into it.

The romphim was meant to be the female equivalent of the romper- for women.

Several high street brands  stocked the romphim but it was a crazy trend that thankfully didn’t last for long.


Salt&Vinegar or Lime&Black Pepper? Choose your favourite flavour to vote #chooseorlose T&Cs: https://t.co/nbW0tZGMVs https://t.co/szJxJ0aSaq

— Walkers Crisps (@walkers_crisps) October 3, 2017

Well, not ALL of their crisps but just some of our favorite flavors. – Salt and Vinegar, Prawn Cocktail and Smoky Bacon.

The Walkers company asked crisp fans to ‘choose or lose’ their favorites in its latest campaign.  You can choose to keep one of the favorites or lose one so a new flavor can be added. The new flavors are  Lime and Black Pepper, Paprika and Bacon and Cheddar.

Voting for this competition closed on October 22 with the fate of the flavors to be released before the new year.


The iPod nano and iPod shuffle were discontinued in July 2017 after almost 12 years on the market. The iPod nano’s last significant update was in September 2012, although color options were updated several times through 2015. The iPod shuffle last saw a redesign in 2010 with similar color variations like the nano.

Apple removed the iPod nano and shuffle from its website and online store leaving the iPod touch the only remaining device in the iPod family.


Keeping with the theme of things we have to admit we will miss – Thor, King of Asgard’s godly golden locks.

The 2017 marvel blockbuster Thor: Ragnerock sees Chris Hemsworth take up his usual role as Thor, however instead of sporting his usual shoulder length blonde cut- The Avengers fighter sports a sharper do’ with his head shaved, extra short on the sides with several lines shaved in the scalp.



Last month, the sad news circulated around the city that the pretty red brick cafe that sat on Leeson Street for more than 30 years, would be closing down.

The owner of the kiosk posted the sad news notice on the store window. Here’s hoping that 2018 will see someone take over the historical little red bricked coffee kiosk.