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Miriam O'Callaghan on her college days: 'I wish I had gone completely wild'

Miriam O’Callaghan has admitted she wishes she had gone wild at college.

The TV star was a well behaved student during her days studying law at UCD but looking back she wishes she had cut loose more.

“I went here when I was 16 years old as a law school student, I did my basic degree here and I did my postgrad here in European law,” she said.


Ucd Festival launch 7

Wild child: Miriam wishes she had cut loose more at college | BRIAN MCEVOY

“I was incredibly boring. I was all about the study, anyone would tell you.

“I liked UCD very much but I was very shy and I’d love to come back again and get involved in everything,” she told The Herald.

“I got involved in the law society and that was it. I wished I’d gone completely wild and had a great time.

Ucd Festival launch 4

Well behaved: There were no drunk nights out for Miriam at UCD | BRIAN MCEVOY

“I always say to young people ‘enjoy yourselves, you’re only 16 once’. Study is good. It gets you there in the end.”

Miriam was back at her alma mater to help launch the inaugural UCD festival on Saturday June 18.

It comes after Miriam recently hit out at Mario Rosenstock for his impersonation of her.


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