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Holly Carpenter: 'If Michaella McCollum's goal was to win us over – it didn't go to plan'

Holly Carpenter has had her say on the now infamous Michaella McCollum interview.

The convicted drug mule gave her first televised interview to RTE recently and was quickly slammed by angry viewers for her polished appearance.

Former Miss Ireland Holly has revealed her thoughts on the scandal and reckons if Michaella was looking for sympathy, she didn’t go about it the right way.


Scandal: Holly has opened up on the Michaella McCollum interview

“People were quick to criticise McCollum over her polished look and I found the tweets quite funny,” she said.

“I got the impression that McCollum’s reason for doing this interview was to gain some sort of public support and sympathy. She portrayed herself as a young, naive girl who just made a few mistakes.

“But if her goal was to win hearts and minds, then you could say it didn’t exactly go to plan.

“Her glamorous appearance had already lost her the crowd before she’d even opened her mouth,” she wrote in The Herald.


Criticism: Viewers were not happy with Michaella’s interview

The Dublin native hit out at Michaella for going down the “everyone makes mistakes” route instead of apologising for what she did.

“When I was 20, I too was young and naive and got caught smuggling a naggin of vodka into a nightclub,” she said.

“That’s a normal silly mistake to make at that age in my eyes.

“But attempting to smuggle 11kg of cocaine is obviously a serious crime that bares no comparison.

“You can’t just play it down by saying “Ah, sure I was only young.”


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