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Ar Fheabhas Ar Fad! Our Top 13 Favourite Gaeilgeoirs


With Seachtain na Gaeilge in full swing, Goss.ie have been feeling very patriotic lately.

While a lot of us claim to speak Irish, only a lucky few can truly call themselves fluent in our first language.

From presenters, to actors and comedians – we’ve compiled a list of our favourite Gaeilgeoirs – and you might be surprised at a few!


1. Dáithí Ó Sé

VIP Style Awards 2014 at The Marker Hotel

You don’t get more Irish than Dáithí Ó Sé.

The Kerry native is a native Gaeilgeoir and even qualified as a teacher in his pre-fame days where he taught Irish to secondary school students.

If the government really wants people to speak more Irish, they should get Daithi to host next year’s Rose of Tralee as gaielge.

We’ll all be speaking a cupla focail in no time.


2. Bláthnaid Ní Chofaigh

Guests arrive at the opening night of 'CATS'

Bláthnaid is one of the proudest speakers of Irish on our list and is an avid campaigner of the language.

The TV star grew up in the Co. Meath gaeltacht of Rath Cairn and you can still catch her presenting as gaeilge on TG4 every now and then.

Bláthnaid has previously admitted she often talks in Irish when she’s getting intimate between the sheets with her husband – ar fheabhas ar fad!


3. Eoghan McDermott

HuaweiSnapys launch party 22

Another proud Gaeilgeoir is Eoghan McDermott.

The Dublin native got his start on the small screen as an actor on TG4 drama Seacht in 2008 and presented a bi-lingual chart show on Spin 1039 in his early radio days.

If you fancy refreshing your Irish, you can still catch Eoghan’s as gaeilge segment on his weekday 2fm show.


4. Grainne Seoige


As if being fleunt wasn’t enough, Grainne Seoige even completed a degree as gaeilge.

Right before her career kicked off, the TV host completed her post-grad degree in Galway through Irish and was quickly scooped up by TG4 to host their news bulletins.

The Galway native has come a long way since then and has hosted everything from Sky News to The All Ireland Talent Show.


5. Sile Seoige

Sile Seoige, Tommy Tiernan, and George Hook at Today FM

Just like her big sister, Sile got her start presenting in Ireland’s first language on TG4.

The 36-year-old joined the station shortly after her Leaving Cert and presented Hollywood Anocht before hosting kids show Cupla4.

In 2014, the Galway native lent her fame to a good cause when she recorded a Christmas charity single for Make A Wish Ireland.


6. Cillian Murphy

Cillian Murphy at a photocall for 'Red Lights'

Cillian is definitely one of the most recognised Irish actors worldwide – thanks to his starring roles in the Dark Knight Trilogy as well as The Wind That Shakes The Barley among many more.

However, acting isn’t Cillian’s only talent as he is fluent in Irish, and proud of it!

Maybe we’ll see Cillian go full Gaeilgeoir and film an entire movie as Gaeilge?


7. Brendan Gleeson

The Grand Seduction Premiere

Brendan Gleeson is not only father to two of the finest Irish actors Domhnall and Brian Gleeson, he’s also a full blown Gaeilgeoir!

A former national school teacher, the legendary actor previously admitted that he thinks the best way to get Irish people to get speak fluent Irish would be to ban it.

“The best thing to do would be to ban it… If we banned it everyone will want to speak it!” he said.

We’re not gonna lie – we think he’s probably right!


8. Blathnaid Treacy

Blathnaid Treacy

She may be known as the Glenroe child star or yer wan off Two Tube – but Blathnaid Treacy is pretty handy with our native tongue.

The RTÉ star started her presenting career with TG4, like many other famous gaeilgeoirs, and it all happened because she was fluent in Irish.

While Blathnaid made the move from Spin 1038 to 2FM back in December – she certainly won’t be moving away from her heritage any time soon!


9. Maura Derrane

©RTE 2013 Today Show

Maura is making waves in RTÉ alongside her fellow Gaeilgeoir Daithi Ó Sé on the Today show.

The presenter has climbed high up on the career ladder as she has worked for TV3, TG4 and RTÉ.

The TV host has been celebrating as of late as her show has had a peak in audience figures – beating RTÉ’s chat show curse.


10. Des Bishop

Exclusive: John Boorman & Des Bishop at Dublin Airport

Des is best known for being an Irish-American comedian, but he has also become a serious documentarian and advocate for the Irish language in recent years.

The comedian became an official Gaeilgeoir after he spent a year living in Connemara to learn and explore the Irish language while filming In The Name Of The Fada for RTÉ.

Des has since picked up other languages such as Chinese – but we reckon Irish is still his favourite.

11. Hector Ó hEochagáin


Now it wouldn’t be a list without mentioning our favourite flame-haired fluent Irish speaker Hector.

Having appeared across RTE and TV3, the Navan native first warmed our hearts and our ears with his craic on TG4 travelling around Britain and Ireland.

Celebrating 20 years of TG4, the broadcaster is back with the station to tackle South America.

So all we can say to you Hector is Dia’s Muire dhuit agus cuid eile na naomh leat féin!


12. Dara O’Briain

Chris O'Dowd & Dara O'Briain at The Sugar Club

Before Dara O’Briain became the funny man he’s known for today he was chattering away as gaeilge on RTE’s Echo Island.

Appearing on the show back in the day alongside Bláthnaid Ní Chofaigh, the London based comedian has previously admitted that he only speaks Irish with his dad.

Proud of his heritage, the Mock of the Week host famously put Jonathan Ross back in his box when he told him he’d shave a certain area of his body on his renowned couch….maith an fear!

13. Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor & Jose Aldo Press Conference

If you didn’t know, UFC champ Conor McGregor has the touches of a gaeilgeoirs in him – having gone to a gaelscoil.

At a Dublin media event before his title fight against Jose Aldo, the MMA fighter famously spoke cúpla focal about his competitor – albeit he was a bit rusty.

However like the saying goes is fearr Gaeilge briste, ná Bearla clíste – broken Irish is better, than clever English!