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Maia Dunphy admits: 'I didn't think much of Johnny when we first met'


Maia Dunphy has opened up on the early days of her relationship with Johnny Vegas  – and admitted she didn’t think much of him in the beginning.

The TV presenter and the English actor married in 2011 and have a son named Tom together, but Maia wasn’t too impressed with him when they first met.

“When I first met Johnny, I didn’t think very much of him,” she said.

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Not impressed: Maia thought Johnny was a liability when they first met | VIPIRELAND.COM

“He was on Podge & Rodge, and everybody wanted to go on the piss with him,” she told the Sunday Independent’s Weekend magazine.

“I was thinking: “God, that guy’s a liability.” Two years later, he came back, and I asked him for an interview for a newspaper.

“The interview never got done – our tea was swapped for drinks, and we went on the tear for about 12 hours. We had so much fun.

Maia was soon impressed by the comedian’s charms and insisted he’s a “die-hard romantic”.

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Love: Maia revealed Johnny is a die-hard romantic | VIPIRELAND.COM

“He texted me asking if he could take me for a meal. When I got home, there was a handwritten card with a wax seal with my initials on the back, in this beautiful calligraphy.

“He said how nice it was to meet me and how much he was looking forward to dinner. I couldn’t turn down dinner with a man who does that!

“He gave me this bag of individually wrapped presents. Things that I’d mentioned – my lip liner that had cracked, some movie I’d never seen. I had even forgotten I’d mentioned them! It was really, really sweet.

“I never looked back. No one ever believes it, they say, “That Johnny Vegas? The drunk lad?” But he still does things like that, he is a die-hard romantic!

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Surprise: Maia enjoys being a mother more than she thought she would

Meanwhile, Maia revealed she has enjoyed being a mother much more than she thought she would.

“I’ve liked being a mum much more than I thought I would. At first I thought, I’m not sure if this is what I want,” she said.

“That sounds very self-indulgent, but you can’t apologise for how you feel. I just thought, if I’m not sure about pregnancy, then I’m going to be a dreadful mum.

“I was pretty anxious for the whole nine months, but then he arrived, and I’m very, very happy now.