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Roz Purcell on the secret she kept from Bressie: 'I thought he'd think I was weird'


Roz Purcell has revealed that she hid her gym obsession from boyfriend Bressie in the early days of their relationship.

Although the Tipperary native now has a bestselling healthy cookbook to her name, she admitted she wasn’t always so in control of her health.

The former Miss Universe Ireland explained that she was worried the Voice of Ireland judge would think she was “weird” if he knew what she was doing when they weren’t together.

“I thought he’d think, ‘This one’s a bit overboard’. I was twenty-one at the time,” she said.


Obsessed: Roz kept her addiction to training a secret from Bressie

“I thought he’d think I was weird. I mean, now everyone’s training four days a week and drinking green juices, but none of that was in at the time.”

It was only after Roz explained to Bressie what was really going on that he told her her obsession with training was another form of anxiety.

“One day I got really upset about not being able to go to the gym and I was just so anxious and so upset; I couldn’t cope with being around anyone and got really down.”

“I remember just telling him that I wanted to cry, and why, and he was great,” she told the Sunday Independent’s Life magazine.

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Help: Bressie told Roz she had to learn to control her anxiety

“He said it was fine and it was totally normal, and explained that it was another form of anxiety.”

“And I was like, ‘OK, you don’t think I’m crazy; this is good’. And he pointed out that it was really impressive that I cared so much about looking after myself, but at the time time I needed to be able to control it.”

“So it was from that point that I started being able to do that, and find some balance.”

Following the success of her cookbook, Roz is launching a new health food pop up store.