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2FM DJ Tara Stewart opens up about imposter syndrome

2FM DJ Tara Stewart has opened up about her imposter syndrome.

The rising star who moved from Australia to Ireland in 2011 said she sometimes feels like she doesn’t deserve her success, despite her hard work.

Tara began in RTÉ on 2XM and previously told reporters that she “hassled” 2FM to give her a slot on the station.

Tara Stewart | Andres Poveda

In an interview with The Irish Independent, Tara revealed it’s only now that she actually feels deserving of her career.

“It’s really weird – only now do I feel like I deserve it, I feel like I have this imposter syndrome going through life, like ‘are you sure?'”

Tara began presenting her own show on the station for the first time in June after covering for Louise McSharry while she was on maternity leave.

“When I found out [about getting the slot] I wasn’t able to say anything for three months, and I didn’t want to jinx it by telling anyone, in case they changed their minds,” she told the publication.

Casa Bacardi

“I don’t really like to say how hard I worked, but yeah, I worked really, really hard,” she confessed.

“I went for such a long time not getting things in my career, and now I’m getting it, I’m not used to it yet. It’s like when you start seeing someone for the first time – you literally can’t get it out of your brain.”

Tara recently opened for Cher at the 3Arena, and revealed that she was dubious about “who on earth” let her on the stage.

Tara Stewart Pic Brian McEvoy Photography

“I mean, I definitely enjoyed it, but being actually on the 3Arena stage, I looked up and just thought, ‘what the f***, who on earth let me up here?'” she said.

“It was nerve-racking to have all those eyes on me – funnily, I speak to more people during my RTÉ show, but at least I don’t ever see them.

Tara’s show is dedicated to new music, and airs Thursday to Sunday from 8pm.


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