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Prince Harry felt ’disgusted’ by the tabloid’s treatment of him and Meghan Markle, and ‘craved normalcy’

The highly anticipated royal biography Finding Freedom was released today


Prince Harry felt “disgusted” by how he and Meghan Markle were treated by the tabloids, craving “normalcy” – according to royal biography Finding Freedom.

The book, written by royal watchers Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, was released today after months of anticipation.

According to a new excerpt from the book, Harry was “disgusted” at the way he was portrayed in a tabloid story online about the couple’s Christmas plans – after they decided to spend the festive season last year in Canada.

“Harry instantly regretted opening the link,” Omid Scobie wrote.

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“His stomach tied into the same knot every time he saw those sorts of comments,” he added.

The author recalled a “small drinks gathering” where the Duke reportedly told him that he wanted to be “just a normal guy who could pack up and spend a year in Brazil pursuing his own passions.”

He claimed that the 35-year-old “deeply craved normalcy”, citing an occasion where his mother Princess Diana took him to McDonald’s as an example of the regular life he wanted to lead.

The authors claimed that because of this encounter, along with others, they were not shocked by the couple’s decision to step away from the royal family in January.

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According to the book, Meghan and Scobie shared a farewell hug following the royals’ departure – with the Duchess reportedly telling him: “It didn’t have to be this way.”

The authors also wrote about Princess Diana’s relationship with Harry, claiming that she ensured her son would never feel overshadowed by his older brother William.

“Diana had tried to imbue in her younger son that he should never let anyone make him feel that he wasn’t special just because he would never be king,” they wrote.

“If anything, she reasoned, he was lucky, because Harry had the opportunity to find his purpose.”

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