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Meghan Markle personally thanks an inspiring fan who raised $80,000 for charity under the Duchess’ name

The generous donation was made to the Campaign for Female Education, which funds education for women in Africa

Twitter: @kensingtonroyal

Meghan Markle has sent her personal thanks to an inspiring fan, after she made a generous donation under the Duchess’ name to the Campaign for Female Education charity.

Twitter user @freepeeper claimed that she received a phone call from the Duchess of Sussex to thank her for her generosity – after starting an online movement #InspiredByMeghan to raise funds to educate women in Africa.

“Omg! Meghan called me! I spoke to Meghan yesterday,” the fan tweeted.

First, I heard from Harry & Meghan’s team. They contacted me to thank supporters for the @Camfed birthday fundraiser,” they shared.

“It was so thoughtful. Their representative was lovely. I was excited we’d made it onto their radar. That was enough for me.”

“Then… Meghan called yesterday!!! She said their team heard about the fundraiser and flagged it for her. She and Harry were very touched. She asked me to pass on a big ‘Thank you’ to everyone.”

“I was thrilled to have the opportunity to tell her that their humanitarian work informed and inspired our fundraisers. She asked how much we’d raised, and I told her close to $80k (latest update). She said that was amazing. She was so gracious and humble.”

“Guys, she was delightful, kind, super-sweet. We spoke for about 7-8 minutes. It seemed much shorter though. There was so much more I wanted to say, but this wasn’t that type of call. Lol.”

“She was engaging, the kind of person you talk to for hours and time escapes you. But the purpose of her call, and she said this a couple times, was to express gratitude to all of YOU for supporting them, for the fundraisers, and for your birthday wishes.”

The fan concluded: “So, this is me delivering the message, as promised. From Meghan, to all of the supporters, donors, well wishers, ‘Thank you.’ AMAZING!!!!!”

Meghan is a passionate advocate for the charity’s work, which believes one of the best ways to fight poverty and inequality is through education.

“Lack of access to education is the single most important barrier to gender equality,” Meghan shared on International Women’s Day 2019, “A girl who is educated becomes a woman who is influential.”

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