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Kate Middleton urges parents to ‘look after themselves’ during ‘this hugely challenging time’

The Duchess of Cambridge shared an important message ahead of Children's Mental Health Week

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Kate Middleton has urged parents to “look after themselves” during “this hugely challenging time”.

The Duchess of Cambridge shared a video message via the Kensington Royal Instagram account as she marked Children’s Mental Health week, which begins on Monday, February 1.

The mother-of-three encouraged fellow parents to look after their own well-being as well as their children’s after what has been a tough year amid the pandemic.

The 39-year-old said: “This year’s Children’s Mental Health Week is all about expressing yourself – about finding creative ways in which to share your thoughts, ideas and feelings.

“So whether that’s through photography, through art, through drama, through music or poetry – it’s finding those things that make you feel good about yourself.”


“And while this is Children’s Mental Health Week there has never been a more important time to talk about parental wellbeing and mental health too.

“Last year you told me just how important this was, that many of us find it hard to prioritise. This is a hugely challenging time for us all so please look after yourself too,” Kate added.

“Find those ways in which to share your thoughts and your feelings or find someone to talk to because we really do need to be the very best versions of ourselves for the children in our care.”

Earlier this week, Kate spoke to parents at Roe Green Junior School via video call about the challenges that come with homeschooling, as schools remain shut due to the pandemic.

She said: “I know how challenging it is juggling work, home life, school life and everything else that you as parents are doing, so really well done.

“Fingers crossed, let’s hope for the positivity as you’ve all been saying. Make sure everyone looks after themselves – it’s very hard to prioritise but it’s definitely needed now more than ever.”

Kate has been spending the UK lockdown at her Anmer Hall home in Norfolk along with her husband Prince William and their three children – Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

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