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Love Island fans beg producers to step in following intense moment in the villa

Love Island fans beg producers to step in following an intense moment in the villa.

The hit ITV show returned to our screens on Monday with a host of new singletons looking to find love.

During Friday night’s episode of the hit ITV show, Ciaran’s true feelings were made public – sending shockwaves through the villa.

From ITV

When speaking to Joey about Ciaran, Harriett confessed: “He’s the one who doesn’t know what he wants. I don’t really understand what to do to make his mind up – I don’t know where his heads at.”

Joey admitted: “I think it’s quite obvious he likes Nicole, no?,” as Harriett said, “Well he hasn’t said that to me.”

Ciaran joins the conversation and in front of Harriett, Joey asked: “Who do you like more? Do you like Nicole?”

Harriett interjected, “Did you tell the boys in the changing room, Nicole?,” as Ciaran confessed: “Yeah I did.”

From ITV

Harriett became upset over the revelation, pulling Ciaran for a chat – however, emotions quickly escalated.

She told him: “The first thing you should have done after you made everyone aware of how you were feeling was grab me and pull me straight away but you didn’t.”

In tears, she continued: “You literally made me feel ‘this small’ like I can’t. Why did you do that, why?”

“I just can’t. I don’t want to ever speak to you again do not talk to me I’m not being treated like that by a 21 year old. Any boy would be lucky to have me.”

From ITV

After the conversation, viewers took to social media to express their concerns for Harriett.

Many fans believed she needed time out after the explosive confrontations.

One wrote on X: “Somebody make sure to check on harriet after this.”

From ITV

Another commented: “All jokes aside, has ITV done a well being check on Harriet? Because the way she keeps crying over the littlest of things is concerning.”

“It’s only been a few days and she doesn’t seem to be having fun.”

As a third added: “I think harriet needs a wellness check.”


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