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The PIPE of peace! Love/Hate star John Connors to appear on FM104 after 'racist' skit

Love/Hate star John Connors is set to appear on FM104 with Jim Jim Nugent – after threatening to sue them just last week.

The actor who plays pipe bomb maker Patrick in the RTE drama will appear on the Strawberry Alarm Clock tomorrow.

It comes after John demanded Jim Jim apologise for a skit, where John was referred to as the “traveller character” and called “scary” for being held back in school.

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Apology: John Connors wasn’t happy with the Love/Hate skit

Posting publicly on Jim Jim’s Facebook page, John said he is going to take legal action and demanded an apology.

“I have a few interviews lined up and an appointment with a very confident solicitor,” John wrote.

“I want it removed and I want an on air apology to the whole travelling community and a direct letter of apology to me so that i can frame it up in my cabin in my ‘Traveller’ camp,” he added.

The cast attend the Premiere of 'King of the Travellers' at The IFI

Fuming: Actor John Connors has demanded an apology | VIPIRELAND.COM

But it seems all is well again after Jim Jim tweeted: “Tomorrow on the show John Connors is in to smoke the pipe of piece, Love/Hates’s creator Stuart Cuarlon is in with him to talk season 5.”

John wasn’t the only person to complain about the skit.

Miss Ireland contestant Sarah Jane Dunne, who was the first traveller in the competition also vented about the comedy sketch,” she said.

“This excuse for comedy should be taken down. You are blatantly discriminating against actor John Connors and the Travelling community.

“You only refer to John’s character as ‘Traveller character’, state that he was held back 5 years in primary school and while you mimic the other characters voices,” she said.

“With this ‘Traveller character’ you just put on the most stereotypical ‘Traveller accent’. This ‘comedy sketch’ reinforces negative stereotypes of the Travelling community.

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Angry: Sarah Jane wants the skit deleted | BRIAN MCEVOY

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