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Ryan Tubridy: 'My SOUL is still intact despite constant criticism of radio show'


2FM star Ryan Tubridy has admitted he was disappointed to see his radio ratings go down yet again, but insisted: ‘My soul is not destroyed’.

The RTE presenter saw his morning show drop 4,000 listeners in the past three months to 144,000 – which is a loss of 15,000 over the last year.

But Late Late Show host Tubridy – who is paid €495,000 a year – told Goss.ie he is remaining upbeat about the further drops.

And Tubs vowed he was staying where he was on 2FM and has no plans to be moved to Radio 1, as it has been reported.

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He said: “It’s not soul-destroying. If my soul was destroyed, I’d be over there with a crucifix.

“Of course, I would prefer if the figures were going the other way. But I have to be really stoical and philosophical about this and say, ‘Look, that’s my job’.

“I’m there at 9 o’clock, I do my best, and until some higher power – and I mean that in terms of management, and not something more celestial – decides it over and I’m to move, there’s nothing I can do.

“I’m not a natural griper or moaner, I don’t want to get upset about it. I might have been upset about it a couple of years ago, but what’s the point?

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“I’ve got lots of nice things going on in the world and I’d hate to eventuate the negative, as it were.”

But Tubridy told Goss.ie that he can’t understand why his figures and dropping – and doesn’t have any more tricks to try to improve.

They are down a massive 152,000 since the death of Gerry Ryan, when he brought in 296,000 in the same time slot.

And Tubs said: “I felt disappointed that they were down, but I also feel that we at 9 o’clock are doing among the best stuff going out on an Irish radio at that time.

“I don’t think there’s anything I want to change going forward, I don’t think I can. I think I’ve given everything I have to that show.”

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Tubridy also hit out at claims he was heading back to Radio 1 to take over Ronan Collins’ show.

He said: “That’s pure speculation that I’m moving to Radio 1. I am very happy to stay where I am.

“The story is: I’m not going anywhere. I’m staying there. That’s my job.

“If some day, someone along the way and says, ‘We’re moving you’. That’s Mount Olympus. They literally come down and tell you, ‘You’re going to go over there’.

“So until they do that, I’m staying where I am. Am I happy? I am very happy there.

“I get in there, I work with a cracking bunch of people, I get we do really good radio and I stand over it.”