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Ryan Tubridy explodes at wife beater: 'I want to break your legs'


Ryan Tubridy today told a wife beater who admitted to domestic abuse on his radio show: “I want to come and break your legs”.

The 2fm presenter was chatting to a caller – known only as Chris – who told how he would abuse his wife.

“There’s nothing small about the situation, but there was the verbal side of the abuse. There would be slaps, punches – pretty much along those lines really,” he said.

“There’ll be something in your psyche that could lead you to pick a fight, or something said which triggers you in some way.”


Fiery: Tubs lost his cool in interview

He told the Late Late Show host that despite promising he would “never do it again”, “it it came again and again and again” and he put his wife in hospital and was convicted of domestic abuse.

However Tubs admitted that if that had been his sister or mother he would have “personally called over and broke your legs”.

He raged: “I’m trying to be really measured here. We appreciate you coming on to tell the story.

“And yet… if you did that to somebody I loved I swear to God I would have personally called over and broke your legs.

“If it was my sister, my mother, I’d have been over to your house. I couldn’t help myself. I wouldn’t let you out the door. I know that’s violent, and I know that’s wrong. But I think it’s man-to-man.”