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Pat Kenny insists he hasn't lost radio battle against Sean O'Rourke


Pat Kenny has vowed to continue upping his listeners – even as RTE rival Sean O’Rourke thunders ahead.

The Newstalk presenter has 96,000 listening to his show – up 43,000 compared to Tom Dunne a year ago.

But Sean – who took over the Today Show on Radio 1 after Pat’s shock decision to quit Montrose – has a huge audience of 327,000 people and even gained 6,000 since last year.

However Pat has vowed to keep fighting and insists he isn’t out of the battle just yet.

He said: “The ratings are doing very nicely – the graph is heading up in the right direction so I am very pleased.

“Anything that is a comparison, you’ve got to know that Sean and I have only been in our positions from September.


Pat’s rival: Sean O’Rourke took over after his move to Newstalk

“So year-on-year comparisons are not relevant. The only time we’ll be looking at the picture in the round is in November, which will give us results when both of us have been in our positions for 12 months.

“The task is to persuade people who have spent a lifetime tuned to one end of the dial to get them to move to the other – and that’s something that can’t be accomplished overnight.”

But Sean, who was celebrating after the release of the official JNLR figures, wants to gain even more listeners.

He said: “I think I can improve as a presenter and give even more reasons to stay with the show or come across to it.”

Pat is still only the fourth most listened to programme on Newstalk – behind Sean Moncrieff with 112,000, Breakfast with 126,000 and George Hook on 130,000.