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Newstalk want Liveline's Joe Duffy to defect from RTE


Liveline presenter Joe Duffy is set to be head-hunted by Newstalk – who want him to defect to the station.

The RTE host’s contract is up for renewal this year, and it is feared he could be tempted to follow Pat Kenny to the independent station.

And Montrose fear the 58-year-old’s massive drop in salary – from €378,000 in 2011 to €300,000 now – could convince him to go.

A source said: “Taking Joe Duffy off RTE would complete the jigsaw for Newstalk, and they definitely have the money to make him an offer.”


Pat: He won’t convince Joe to leave RTE

Former Late Late Show host Pat was tempted to come by a five-year €2million deal, but admitted he would never tell Joe to come.

“I couldn’t advise Joe or anybody else to make the jump,” he told the Irish Sun.

“That’s a decision they have to decide for themselves. You destroy a lot of old relationships and contacts when you move, so it’s not an easy thing to do.”

Recent radio figures show that Livelive has 390,000 listeners.