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Neil Prendeville accuses Keith Barry of online bullying after show axe


Radio presenter Neil Prendeville has hit back at Keith Barry – accusing him of online bullying.

The Cork DJ insisted he wasn’t in the wrong after banning the magician from his RedFM show on Friday following an appearance on rival 96FM.

And Neil insisted that Keith was wrong to claim he hadn’t been told the slot wouldn’t go ahead – insisting his staff gave his PR company “plenty of notice”.

But Neil claimed despite this, the TV3 star still turned up and shouted at a receptionist: “If I don’t get on the air, I’m going to annihilate you all on Twitter — the shit is going to hit the fan on Twitter.”


Row: Neil claims that Keith bullied him

He added: “To threaten someone with Twitter or to engage in Twitter or Facebook attacks — this is bullying, lads, this is bullying pure and simple.

“I have chosen not to live in this parallel world. The events, actions, and words over the weekend have convinced me how right I am. It’s been annihilating.

“To encourage artists to boycott me, to actively contact them to encourage his Twitter and Facebook followers not to listen online — this is online bullying and that is wrong.

“I’ve spoken over the last few years to people who’ve been subjected to the most horrific online abuse, and they’ve been driven to depression and suicidal thoughts.”

Neil told his listeners that Keith was a “very, very, angry man” and was annoyed he brought up his shame of being discovered masturbating on a plane in his response.

He added: “I’ve had my fall to earth, with a big, big, bang — it was a bang that nearly killed me. I lost my job, I lost my income, I put my family through hell and torture, I caused immense upset to family and friends.

“I have tried to change my life for the better and the compassion, and the kindness of people in general, and Cork people in particular, I believe that is the closest thing I will witness to a miracle.”