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Louise McSharry: People should give Lottie Ryan a break – I'm surprised she has ANY listeners

2FM star Louis McSharry has said people need to give Lottie Ryan a break – after it emerged just 1,000 people listen to her show.

Figures revealed that Gerry Ryan’s daughter has the low figures on Sunday morning – and only 2,000 on Saturday.

But Louise said the 26-year-old should be proud of getting that many to tune in at 6am – as she would have expected them to be even lower.

“I haven’t been speaking to her yet; she’s on so early in the morning I’m surprised anyone is awake,” she said.


Leave her alone: Louise has defended Lottie Ryan

“So the fact that she has listeners I think is brilliant because it’s really hard that early slot.

“I did 7am to 10am for a long time and it takes a while to build up a following.

“I think it’s very unfair for people to criticise her at this point, she’s only just started and she has a long way to go – and as I said, the available audience is tiny at that time.”

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And Louise, who is filling in for Ryan Tubridy this week, said it is even tougher for Lottie because of her famous surname.

“It has to be impossible for her, given the name she has, and I don’t envy her,” she told the Herald. “People should not give her too much of a hard time.”

Earlier this week, told how even Lottie’s family feel the show is too early to be bothered getting up.


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