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Lottie Ryan: Some of my family don't even tune in to my 2FM show – it's on too early

Lottie Ryan has admitted that some of her own family aren’t even listening to her 2FM show – because it’s on too early.

Yesterday, it emerged that the daughter of Gerry Ryan was only getting 2,000 people tuning in to her early morning show on Saturday – and 1,000 on Sunday.

But the 28-year-old – who is seen as a future face of a changing 2FM – admitted that it has been tough to get friends and family to get up at 6am for the Early Early Breakfast.

Asked if her family and friends have been getting up to listen to the show, Lottie told that the podcasts have come in handy.


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“There have definitely been people who have been getting up and listening,” she said. “Otherwise, I will very kindly copy and paste the link to my podcast and mail it to them.”

And speaking at the recent 2FM launch, Lottie revealed it has also been tough on her social life taking on the role.

“I love it but my nights at the weekends are gone, there’s nothing else I’d rather be giving them up for though,” she said.

“My social life has absolutely suffered. I’m trying to make my friends think Sundays and Mondays are cool to go out – and it’s not really going down very well.”

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But Lottie – who previously worked on the Today show and Colm Hayes’ programme – did find it tough starting off.

“It’s much harder than I thought it would be, not that I didn’t know it was going to be hard,” she said.

“But for me – because I was contributing on Colm Hayes for so many years – it’s a whole other ballgame with the desk and the technical aspect of things. So I’ve been learning and getting to grips with that aspect of things as well.”

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