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Keith Barry enraged after 'out of control' DJ cancels radio appearance

Keith Barry has slammed Neil Prendeville – after he had a hissy fit and wouldn’t let him on his show.

The magician had driven 240km to Cork for an appearance on on RedFM with the presenter, as well as rival station 96FM where he recently defected from.

But Neil – who is known for masturbating on an Aer Lingus plane while under the influence of pain killers – got enraged after hearing Keith on 96FM with PJ Coogan.

He said: “Having been a professional entertainer for 15 years I have never met such unprofessionalism. Neil Prendeville, new to the station refused to have me on because I had just been on 96.


Banned: Neil stopped Keith from coming on

“I thought it was a wind-up at first as they had asked for no exclusivity and actually asked me two days prior to develop new material to perform on his fellow DJ KC which took me hours to do.

“These are hours I could have spent doing other things. It’s interesting to me how Neil quickly forgot that I was one of his supporters during his ‘unfortunate incident’ and my manager sent an email of support from us to the station manager at the time.

“The producer this morning seemed quite dumfounded, and Neil was not even courteous enough to face me himself.”


Fun: Keith did get to appear on rival 96FM show

Now TV3 star Keith has vowed to make sure none of his “mates in showbiz” ever appear on Neil’s show.

Writing on Facebook, he said: “The reason I write this is not to whine – it’s to warn other professionals away from amateurs like Neil as the same could happen to them when such egos are out of control.

“I’m now off to quickly text my mates in showbiz and tell them to avoid his show as we don’t have time for this nonsense.

“Perhaps one day Neil will return to his professionalism and return back to Earth with a hard bump.”


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