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EXCLUSIVE: RTE radio hold special tribute for Gerry Ryan – FOUR years after he died

RTE radio has properly paid tribute to Gerry Ryan – for the first time since he died four years ago.

The 2FM broadcaster was honoured at a special concert held by friend Derek Mooney over the weekend.

Producers of Mooney Tunes – a spin off from his Radio 1 programme – specially dedicated a part of a show to him.

Audience members were visibly moved when pictures of the DJ appeared on stage in the Bord Gais Energy Theatre.

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Family: Gerry with daughters Lottie and Bonnie before death | VIPIRELAND.COM

They then replayed Mooney’s speech from the day that Gerry was found dead in his Dublin home by girlfriend Melanie Verwoerd.

Singer Jerry Fish then appeared on stage and sang We’ve Got All The Time In The World during the moving segment, which RTE insiders acknowledged was the first proper tribute to him in the years since his death.

A source said: “It was an extremely moving moment during the Mooney Tunes programme, no-one expected that it was going to be part of it.

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Performer: Jerry lead tribute to Gerry | VIPIRELAND.COM

“RTE has been quite bad at acknowledging Gerry since his death, even 2FM recently didn’t have a special programme. But this was a proper tribute to him – and it was well deserved.”

It had been reported that 2FM was due to hold a tribute to Gerry for the fourth anniversary of his death on April 30, but instead only posted a picture on their Twitter account.

Previously 2FM boss Dan Healy insisted that people needed to get over the star’s death.

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Host: Derek Mooney’s musical show had tribute | VIPIRELAND.COM

He said: “I think that sadly for 2fm it has to move on from Gerry’s past. It’s very difficult for his family. It’s very hard for those people who worked with him.

“He’s in the building, there’s no two ways about that. His brother works beside me, you have to pay respect to that.

“But I think the station has to respect the Ryan family and his colleagues and we have to go ahead now. I think it’s time to look forward now.”


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