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Daniella Moyes: 'My self-esteem was totally transformed when I ditched modelling'


Daniella Moyles has told how ditching modelling for a radio career has transformed her self-esteem.

The Kildare beauty is now a presenter on Spin 103.8 – the station her boyfriend Dara Quilty used to work out.

And Daniella, 26, said getting the job on the airwaves had “opened doors in my mind” after fears about breaking through the “glass ceiling” that modelling introduces.


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“Whether you admit it or not, there is a certain perception that comes with being a model, and it can be hard to break through that glass ceiling,” she told the Sunday Independent.

“This year, I made a career change that I’m very excited about. If I was known for anything, it was modelling, and I’ve been trying to move out of that for a few years, but its difficult.

“And I know that’s a very First World problem, but all the same, getting my first full-time broadcasting job — with Spin 103.8 — has transformed my self-esteem.

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“It feels like a real pat on the back. So it’s been a good year. When I look back, everything seems pleasant and positive, an easy, flowing year, and I’m still with Dara, my boyfriend of many years.

“I think with a career, the best moves are the ones you feel you’re not ready for. I really wondered if I could do this, if I was able. Proving that I am able has been really validating, and has opened doors in my mind.”