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2FM's Ruth Scott: 'Why I don't want kids or family with my Father Ted boyfriend'

2FM presenter Ruth Scott has revealed she doesn’t want kids – and won’t be getting married soon.

The DJ was single for 12 years before hooking up with Rob Morgan, the son of Father Ted star Dermot Morgan in 2012.

But Ruth – who is in her mid-30s – feels glad that both of them have the “same mindset” about not having kids.

“I am just not a baby person and neither is he, so it’s a perfect match,” she said.

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“I am very lucky to have met someone with the same mindset around children, as it can cause relationships to fall apart, but I got it out there pretty quickly.

“From having gone on dates before, lots of men think women in their 30s are just looking for baby daddies, and that is not true.”

And Ruth, who moved in with Rob last year, told the Herald she is “not in a rush” to wed.

“I am in the public eye but the idea of being a bride terrifies me. I am shy about that kind of stuff, and have never been the kind to dream about a big white wedding,” she said.

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“I am not religious, and with my colouring, white is not flattering! Rob has moved in and met the family, and he’s a keeper.


“I would like to make some commitment, maybe a civil ceremony, but we are not in a rush.”

But Ruth – who presents on 2FM with Paddy McKenna – insists she doesn’t care that she was single for 12 years before finding Rob.

“People always say you will meet someone when you least expect it, and I was ‘least expecting it’ for 12 years, because I was single for that long,” she said.

“Rob is brilliant and so encouraging, and while it’s great to be comfortable on your own, it is also really nice to have someone who has your back.”

She added: “I don’t give a damn about being single for 12 years, as it was worth it to meet Rob. He just really has my back and he is always encouraging me.”

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