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2fm will finally honour Gerry Ryan – FOUR years after his death


2fm are finally planning to pay tribute to Gerry Ryan this year – four years after his death.

The RTE station is putting together a special anniversary show, which has been given the backing of his family.

Previously 2fm have been attacked for attempting to whitewash the star from its history by failing to pay tribute on April 30.

However new 2fm boss Dan Healy decided marking it had to be a big part of the station’s turnaround.

gerry ryan

Younger: Gerry earlier in his career

A source told the Irish Sun: “The ultimate proof that 2FM has turned itself around is that the station is now confident enough to salute its biggest name, Gerry Ryan.

“It took balls persuading RTE to finally mark Gerry’s anniversary.

“It’s the right thing to do and even some of Dan’s biggest critics concede he’s done a really good thing by making RTE salute Gerry on his anniversary.”

gerry melanie

Love: Gerry with Melanie before his death

Gerry – who was dating ex-Unicef boss Melanie Verwoerd –  was found dead from a heart attack on April 30, 2010, with an inquest discovering traces of cocaine in his system.

Previously, Dan Healy admitted there would never be anyone like Gerry on 2fm.

He said: “There will be other great presenters but Gerry Ryan was unique. There’s no two ways about it. Everybody adored him. His ratings were phenomenal.”