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Seamus Heaney exhibition coming to Dublin


A special exhibition celebrating the life and work of the late Seamus Heaney is coming to Dublin in 2017.

The free display, will be showcased at Dublin’s new Cultural and Heritage Centre located within Bank of Ireland’s College Green complex.

It will be the first exhibition to be held in the new Centre and will be curated by Professor Geraldine Higgins, who was responsible for curating Seamus Heaney: The Music of What Happens in 2014.

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The Nobel Prize winner’s son Mick said he was extremely happy with the news and hopes the exhibition gives the people and visitors of Ireland a wider opportunity to enjoy his father’s work.

“I’m delighted at the news that the National Library is organising an exhibition on my father’s work and life and that it will be the inaugural show at this new cultural space in one of Dublin’s most famous buildings.

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“He was extremely happy that his papers found a home at the National Library and our family is honoured at the prospect of this exhibition and the opportunity for a wider audience to enjoy and engage with his archive,” he said.

Seamus Heaney passed away two years ago at the age of 74, he was known as Ireland’s best poet since W.B Yeats and was wildly respected in the world of Literature.