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Michaella McCollum admits to taking drugs and that she became a drug mule for ‘excitement’

Michaella McCollum has admitted to taking drugs during the Ibiza holiday that led to her becoming a drug mule.

The Tyrone native was heavily criticised for not mentioning any drug use in her infamous interview with RTE, but has now admitted she was using Ketamine.

For the first time Michaella has taken responsibility for her part in smuggling drugs, telling the Irish Mail On Sunday: “Nobody actually put a gun to my head and made me do it.

michaella melissa

Caught: Michaella was convicted and sent to jail

“Obviously, we both knew there was no way we were forced.

“We kind of thought there was no option, but of course there was.”

Michaella is now back in Ireland after serving just half her sentence in Peru.

Aged 20 at the time Michaella admitted she started using drugs and came apart of the party scene in Ibiza.

michaella RTE

Home: Michaella has returned from Peru | RTE

“Everybody was doing it. Everybody was on Ket [Ketamine]. Everybody was so drugged up and it was so normal.

“I kind of thought I would try it and obviously I liked it and I got carried away.”

According to the newspaper it was during a “four-day” bender that she was recruited by a drug smuggler.

“I was totally influenced by drugs, I don’t even know what I was thinking,” she admitted.


Admission: Michaella opened up on her drug use | RTE

“I can’t explain what was going on in my head. Days of partying had a big influence in the decision I made to go there.

“He told me there was a girl there my age and she would help me.”

Michaella also finally admitted how much she was getting paid – €5,000 per deal.

But the party girl insisted that she didn’t smuggle drugs for the money – but it gave her some ‘excitement’.

“I did it for being stupid. I did it because I wasn’t really thinking straight, it was totally out of character.

michaella RTE2

Prison life: Michaella ran her part of the prison | RTE

“If I wasn’t under the influence of drugs I would never have done it. I know that had a big influence but I can’t blame it on that.”

“Obviously you get an adrenaline high because you’re doing something you know you shouldn’t be doing… it was a little bit of an excitement, yeah,” she admitted.


After landing in jail Michaella has said she ended up running her section of the prison, and was voted “general co-ordinator”.

She was in charge of the phone, TV, and the budget, she also had time to become fluent in Spanish, practice yoga and took part in dance competitions.

Her family sent her money but she also ran a beauty salon where she charged prisoners for bikini waves, haircuts, hair dye, facials and manicures.


Party girl: Michaella admitted drugs influenced her

She even paid poorer inmates to clean her cell.

Asked why she didn’t clean her own cell herself Michaela said: “Because it’s so dirty, I mean, even the bathroom, you wouldn’t even touch. You’re literally cleaning your own c**p.”

She then bribed a guard in the prison to give her a phone and was able to send photos home to her family.


With some photos from a birthday party she was thrown inside the prison.

Since leaving prison there have been rumours Michaella will star in several high profile reality TV shows.


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