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Indoor hospitality reopens in Ireland: Everything you need to know

Indoor hospitality has reopened in Ireland today for the first time in months.

Restaurants and cafés have been unable to serve food indoors since December, while some pubs have had their doors closed since the beginning of the lockdown restrictions last March.

People who are fully vaccinated or who have recovered from Covid-19 in the past six months can now enjoy indoor hospitality along with accompanied minors.

A Digital Covid Certificate QR reader will be used by hospitality workers in order to check for valid vaccine certificates, but paper certificates will still be accepted.

Those who received a vaccine in a vaccination centre will have their cert emailed to them, while those who were vaccinated by a GP, pharmacy or hospital, should get their cert in the post.

The HSE vaccination card is also allowed as proof of immunity for indoor dining.

You can request a cert to prove you have recovered from Covid here.

Proof of ID, such as a passport or driving license, is also required to present at the door of the premises alongside your proof of immunity.

Under 18s do not need proof of vaccination when accompanied by a parent or guardian, but they may be asked for photo ID to prove their age before they are allowed to enter the premises with a permitted person.

Face masks are required whenever customers are not seated, and bar service is not permitted.

There is also no longer a time limit on tables, but customers are required to clear the premise by 11:30pm.

There is a maximum of six persons aged 13 or over permitted at a table.

This limit does not include accompanying children aged 12 or younger, and the total combined capacity at a table cannot exceed 15 overall.

Under new updated guidelines which were agreed on Sunday night, contact tracing is only required for the lead person at a table and for solo customers.

To make sure you get trusted and reliable information on COVID-19 (coronavirus) and on COVID-19 vaccines, visit the HSE.


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