Home Music Will.i.am: 'It was so SURREAL to record in Ireland with Michael Jackson'

Will.i.am: 'It was so SURREAL to record in Ireland with Michael Jackson'


Will.i.am has told of the time he visited Ireland to record with Michael Jackson.

The Voice UK judge had been working on what was supposed to be the King of Pop’s new album before his tragic death in Grouse Lodge, in Westmeath.

And Will.i.am admits it was “surreal” to be working with Jacko – who was infatuated with Ireland during the six months he spent here in 2006.

He said: “It was a surreal experience because you just want to be a fan and interview him.

Michael Jackson

Chat: Will.i.am spoke to Xpose about Michael

“You don’t really want to work. You fan out. The first day was just fanning out. Michael loved Ireland.

“He would say, ‘Isn’t it wonderful here, all of the green and the trees. Just the environment and the set up at the cottage there was amazing. And the music was great.”

However Will.i.am told Xpose’s Lisa Cannon he never got to a pint of Guinness with Michael during the visit.

Michael Jackson - With Pet Snake

Detox: Michael and Will.i.am never went drinking together

Asked if they went to the pub together, he said: “No. It was not at the studio because just down the road it was like a detox centre so now that we know what we know, it makes sense now.”

Now Will.i.am is more interested in a collaboration with Bono – after spending time with U2 recently.

He said: “Yeah that would be awesome but that’s dreaming too big. I want to keep my dreams down to earth. I’m already out there.”

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