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What is Spotify Pie Chart? Everything you need to know about the new tool

A new software which charts your Spotify listening history has launched.

Spotify Pie Chart takes a user’s Spotify listening history and compiles it into an easy-to-read pie chart that shows the genres you’ve been listening to.

It was built by University of California student, Darren Huang, and is hosted using online platform Github.

The software is completely free, and all users need to do is login to their normal Spotify account through the devoted website.

This requires giving up access to your listening history in the process, however, the rest of your account remains secure.

Unlike Spotify Wrapped, the once-a-year presentation that sends Spotify users into a frenzy, Spotify Pie can be used at any time throughout the year.

There are also more established, similar softwares available to compile your listening history.

Stats for Spotify shows your favourite songs, artists, and genres over a period of time; either in the last month, in the last six months, or over all time.

There are others as well, which are far more specific.

Obscurify tells you how mainstream your taste is, whilst How Bad Is Your Spotify will roast you for the music that you listen to.


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