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Una Foden makes a pact with The Saturdays not to look at 'hurtful' online abuse


Una Foden┬áhas revealed she’s made a pact her bandmates┬ánot to look at “hurtful” online abuse.

The Saturdays star is regularly bombarded by trolls on Twitter and by comments underneath hate-filled articles.

But Una – who previously told how she was cyber bullied – said she is trying not to look at the bile.

“I don’t let it bog me down too much, the articles and then it’s the comments underneath which are really hurtful,” she said.


Band: The Saturdays all together

“They’re horrible and you tell yourself not to look. We’ve all made a pact not to look, so we are trying not to these days.”

And Una, who has been attacked over her weight in the past, told how she keeps trim and fit through swimming.

“I’m very fit and healthy anyway because I like going to the gym and swimming. Swimming is my favourite way to keep fit,” she told OK!

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Fit: Una goes swimming to keep self looking well

“I’ve also taken up golf, so it’s nice to get out in the fresh air. I’ve never had a personal trainer. I know what I want to do myself and I am very motivated, especially in the water.

“I’m quite competitive with myself. I’ll look at the clock and want to beat my personal best. I can’t just go in and do a leisurely swim.

“I literally just go really fast. I try to swim at least once or twice a week.”