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The Spice Girls reunion tour ‘scrapped’ after feud between Mel B and Geri Horner

The pair reportedly clashed over international tour agreements


The Spice Girls have called their reunion tour quits after a rift between Geri Horner and Mel B.

The iconic girl group came back together earlier this year for an epic reunion tour of the UK and Ireland.

However, their plans to extend the reunion to Australia and a potential Las Vegas residency have been scrapped after a feud allegedly began between Mel B and Geri.

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The Sun reports that Geri was “annoyed” at Mel B for announcing international tour plans.

“Mel B was the driving force behind discussions to go international with the Spice World tour but she wasn’t on the same page as the others,” a source told the publication.

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“Geri was adamant that doing big commitments abroad would only be worth it if they were financially lucrative,”

“But the payday for a residency would be much lower than their UK shows and would mean the girls being away from their families and other jobs for a prolonged period.”

“Family life is really important to them all and they were concerned about how they would be able to make any of it work.”

Geri had reportedly made it clear to the rest of the band that an international commitment would have to be extremely lucrative in order for her to consider leaving her family for a potentially extended period.