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Taylor Swift releases music video for ‘I Bet You Think About Me’ – directed by Blake Lively

Taylor Swift has released the music video for ‘I Bet You Think About Me’.

The songstress dropped a re-recorded version of her 2012 album Red last week, which features six previously unreleased tracks – which were written at the same time as the original.

On Sunday, the 31-year-old surprised fans by announcing a brand new music video for From The Vault song ‘I Bet You Think About Me’ was coming on Monday, November 15 at 3pm GMT.

The music video was directed by Taylor’s close friend and actress Blake Lively.

Fans are convinced that the track is about actor Jake Gyllenhaal, who Taylor dated back in 2011 before releasing the original version of her iconic breakup album.

The lyrics of the song include: “You can’t help who you fall for, and you and I fell like an early spring snow. But reality crept in, you said we’re too different. You laughed at my dreams, rolled your eyes at my jokes.”

“Mr. Superior Thinking, do you have all the space that you need? I don’t have to be your shrink to know that you’ll never be happy, and I bet you think about me. I bet you think about me when you say, ‘Oh my God, she’s insane, she wrote a song about me’.”

Miles Teller and his real-life wife Keleigh star in the music video for the track as a couple on their wedding day.

But Miles’ character can’t stop thinking about his former flame, Taylor Swift’s character, on his big day.

As of 3:26pm, the 6 minute and 15 second long video had already been viewed 719,415 times.

Check out the vide below:


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