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Not again: Sinead O'Connor writes to Lana Del Ray in bid to offer help to star


Sinead O’Connor has revealed she’s wrote to Lana Del Rey trying to help her with recent problems.

The Take Me To Church singer very publicly tried to warn Miley Cyrus that her record label was prostituting her last year – ending up in a war of words with the star.

But Sinead is still keeping a watch over other female stars who are having a difficult time, and hopes to be able to help Lana after she recently said she wished she was dead.


Help: Sinead wants to comfort Lana Del Ray

So far the 47-year-old has yet to get a reply – after choosing not to write an open letter this time – but says she tries to help celebrities in need because of her want to “snuggle them”.

“I guess I give a shit about people is all. And I don’t know if I’m even old enough to be Britney Spears’s mother, I hope I’m not,” she told the Observer.

“It’s more that when you’ve been through grievous things yourself, and you see it happening to other people, you just want to snuggle them.


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“It’s the same if I saw a stranger crying in the street, I would want to go over and snuggle them because I know what it’s like to cry on the street.

“I think that’s the same for most people – we have empathy because we’ve been through shit ourselves.”

Recently Sinead said that she is interested in becoming a judge on the Voice of Ireland.