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Sinead O'Connor to become counsellor for depressed young stars


Sinead O’Connor has revealed she plans to become a counsellor for stars finding fame difficult.

The Take Me To Church star has already tried unsuccessfully to reach out to Miley Cyrus over fears she was being prostituted by record bosses.

Now Sinead wants to help any young artists – including Justin Bieber – to deal with being in the spotlight.

She said: “If you know any artist, male or female, who is finding that the pressures of the job are making them want to jump off a building, then send them to me.”


Help: Sinead has reached out to Lana

Recently, the Wicklow star also wrote a letter to Lana Del Rey after the singer said she wanted to die.

She said: “I was concerned about her saying that the job is making her feel very depressed.”

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Helping: Sinead wants to make sure young stars survive industry

And Sinead told USA Today part of her reason for setting up was after realising she only got suicidal thoughts was because of her job.

She added: “I went through some very serious abuse of every nature that you can think of growing up, but I never had a suicidal thought until my job started to make me feel that way.”

O’Connor’s perspective on those feelings prompted her to write an open letter to Cyrus in 2012, in which she wrote, “You will obscure your talent by allowing yourself to be pimped.”