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Shane Filan gives Niall Horan advice on how One Direction can survive


Shane Filan has revealed Niall Horan came looking for advice on how to ensure One Direction stayed at the top of the charts.

The Westlife star told the Mullingar singer that he was following the right track to stay in the charts for as long as his former band.

“I think bands before and now are fairly similar, except that social media has become a huge part of the latter ones’ success. It helps them rise much faster,” he explained.

One Direction perform at Croke Park

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“Great songs equal fans, and 1D is the biggest boy band at the moment because they have that, plus a strong social media presence.

“I had a chat with one of the band members, Niall Horan, during a concert. He told me that they’ve all been working really hard, and barely get time off… and that’s what you have to do to be a successful band.”

And Shane revealed that Westlife had a few moments that were just as mad as what One Direction are now seeing.

Shane Filan at Newstalk Radio

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“It’s probably not as crazy as what happens with 1D, but one time, while we were performing onstage, a fan jumped onto Mark,” he said.

“Kian had a ring pulled out of his finger. People can get quite excited and so can we. It’s amazing to be on the stage and hear people sing your songs back. There’s no better feeling.

“There will always be room for boy bands. It’s going to continue for years, and it’s never going to change. Young girls love them.”