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7 Reasons We Can’t Wait for Queen Bey To Play Croke Park


Beyoncé is officially set to play Dublin’s Croke Park this Saturday, and the excitement is REAL.

We don’t know about you, but we can’t WAIT to throw on our Single Ladies leotards and dance our asses off in the pits of Croker.

So, in honour of ‘Yoncé, Goss.ie have compiled a list of reasons why we can’t wait for her to land on Irish shores.

All Hail Queen Bey.


1. She Could Bring Blue Ivy


There’s not many children that would leave us genuinely starstruck (apart from North West.. she is a sass queen), but Blue Ivy Carter would definitely grab our attention.

The 4-year-old has managed to capture the hearts of her famous parents and of the world, and we reckon Mammy Bey will absolutely bring Blue back to our Emerald Isle again.

So… how do you ask a child for their autograph without seeming like a total loser?!


2. We Could (Try) Get A Selfie


There’s one thing that Irish people are most definitely not, and that’s quitters.

Of course when any big time celeb comes into town we do our best to get a selfie – but don’t worry, we don’t totally lose the head.

The Irish are known for giving celebs a little bit of space, so if we get the selfie or not we won’t be too pushed.

Sure we’ll probably upload the blurry distant picture of them getting into their car instead, because we “didn’t want to be annoying them”.


3. Maybe She’ll Visit Phoenix Park Again

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Speaking of Irish people giving celebs their space, the last time Beyoncé was in Dublin she brought along her hubby Jay Z as well as their daughter Blue Ivy and they took a trip to Phoenix Park.

The pictures that emerged of Queen Bey, Jay and Blue peacefully enjoying a day at the park in Ireland without being bothered went viral as people believed that the Irish public DIDN’T KNOW who they were.

Come on lads, of course we know who they are – we just don’t think interrupting a family day out in the park is very sound.

Or maybe we were afraid she might do something like this to us….



4. She Might Bring Jay Z


Beyoncé and Jay Z pretty much come as a package deal, being one of the biggest power couples in the industry, so we think Bey will definitely bring her rapper beau along.

The couple are pretty fond of performing on stage together too, so hopefully we’ll get a Beyonce and Jay Z concert.

Most definitely two for the price of one.




This alone would urge us to sell our kidneys for tickets, because we all know that Queen Bey likes to put on a SHOW.

From her incredible dance routines without missing a beat, to OUR incredible dance moves getting down in Croke Park sporting ALL of the Beyoncé merchandise – we literally can’t wait.



6. To See Her Perform Like a Pro


Not everybody is perfect, and what we love most about Beyoncé is that even when she makes a mistake – she OWNS it in every way possible.

Let’s not forget that time her weave got caught in a GIANT FAN on stage and she styled it out like an absolute pro, so we can’t wait to see how she’ll handle our GAA stadium.


7. She’ll Probably Hit The Pubs


It’s no secret that Bey enjoys checking out the Irish pub scene when she visits Dublin, having previously enjoyed a traditional boozy Irish coffee in a Temple Bar pub.

Who knows maybe this time we can interest her with a good pint of the black stuff… sure we could see Bey and Jay take over Coppers yet!